Protect Yourself with Foreclosure Defense

If you’ve received a foreclosure summons and are ready to fight the big banks, turn to The Lyons Law Group, P.A. Based in New Port Richey, Florida, and serving thousands of homeowners throughout the Tampa Bay Area, we specialize in foreclosure defense and are ready to fight for your right to stay in your home. You’ll meet with me, Andrew Lyons, a highly accomplished attorney with more than two decades of experience practicing law. I will educate you about your options for your foreclosure and help you decide if going to trial is your best course of action.

What Does It Mean to Win at Trial?

Winning at trial means that I was successful in proving to the judge that the bank could not properly foreclose and the case is then dismissed by the court. This means that your property is safe for the time being and you’ll be able to continue living in your home. In order to achieve this, my primary goal is to prove that the bank failed to meet certain requirements associated with the handling or the transfer of the note and mortgage. There are actually many ways that the banks fail to prove their case, and this is at the heart of my foreclosure defense practice.

Success at trial is all about preparation. I put in many hours of time, including several hours of preparation in which I go over every detail of your case to find ways in which we can fight back against your bank and win. I take every case personally, and this is evident from the time dedicated to each client’s particular needs and the litigation of the foreclosure. In fact, I learn something from every case I take to trial, and I use this accumulated experience to put together the best legal strategy for my clients’ situations.

Contact The Lyons Law Group for a free consultation at our office in New Port Richey, FL. We will work together to discuss your foreclosure defense options, whether that is settlement or going all the way to trial.