I Just Got Served With Some Court Papers!

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A Foreclosure is when your bank files a lawsuit against you to take your home.  The process may start with a letter from the bank that you are behind in your monthly mortgage payments.  If you don’t pay, the bank will serve you with a summons and you will have 20 days from the day you are served to file a response with the Court.

Typically, this is where I come in to help my clients navigate the foreclosure process.  By defending the action, I am able to see if the bank has all of the necessary documents to foreclose.  Often, there are defenses to the foreclosure action that must be filed in the correct manner and at the correct time.  Having an attorney at this stage can be very helpful.  When I represent my clients, the bank can no longer send them letters, call them, or enter the property.  This gives my clients great peace of mind to know that I am between them and the bank.

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