Notable Wins For Our Clients

Bankster Lawyers! They told her five years ago that she only owed $65,000 on her mortgage, and she has made every payment faithfully since then. Then the Bank billed her for $180,000 and their Bankster lawyers threatened foreclosure – for the last four years. She couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t eat, she lived in fear. Then she finally came to us. We sent ONE letter and the bank backed down and admitted their “mistake”. Now we will sue them and make them pay for putting her through such agony for so long.

Another home saved! The bank filed the foreclosure against our client, and we jumped in to fight the case. Today we received word that the bank is now walking away from the home and releasing the entire mortgage so the property is free and clear! Smart move by the bank, since we were going to beat the case anyway. Our clients are now crying tears of joy!

Evening the scales. Four months ago our client came to us distraught because his bank was trying to collect fees from him that he did not owe. He lost his career in an injury and was then diagnosed with cancer and had no money to pay the bank, or hire an attorney to fight them.

As always, we took the case on for free. We told the bank to stop communicating with our client, and communicate with us directly. The bank then went behind our backs and harassed our client for the money anyway.
So we sued them. Today the bank agreed to pay my client a five figure settlement.

A Huge victory today!! After nearly 5 years of litigation, and some serious battles, the bank today agreed to walk away not only from the case, but the entire loan (approx. $170,000.00), giving my client the house free and clear! And it couldn’t have happened for a more deserving client!

Details Matter!

Banksters forgot to disclose their witness before trial.

Result – my motion to preclude all witness testimony by bank granted.

I won a great Statute of Limitations case this week, and then saved another client’s home with a great principal reduction modification. The best part – the homeowner whose case I won was so happy he bought my whole office lunch! Knowing what my hard work means to my clients means more to me than anything else.
It is why I practice law.

Just received another modification for a client, reducing the principal balance from $223,000 to $28,000! The monthly payment, including insurance and taxes, was below $500. Great result for a very deserving client.