How Do I Modify My Mortgage?

Re-modifying your mortgage can be a real battle on your own. The banks can make this process very hard for my clients. Often, the banks tell homeowners that they did not complete the modification application, even though the homeowner did everything right. This law firm will not let the banks get away with that. This is why our clients turn it over to us to handle for them.

The bank may require a full and complete financial disclosure with current documentation, to show proper hardship required for a loan modification. However, there are times when the bank just offers a modification to my clients without them ever applying – called a streamline modification.

A typical mortgage modification includes principal forgiveness, principal deferment, interest rate deduction, an extension of the maturity of the loan, or other changes in the loan terms. Every case is different, as each modification is dependent upon certain specific guidelines. There may also be government programs available to aid homeowners. Helping my clients through this often difficult process is the focus of my individualized representation.

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