They told her five years ago that she only owed $65,000 on her mortgage, and she has made every payment faithfully since then. Then the Bank billed her for $180,000 and their Bankster lawyers threatened foreclosure – for the last four years. She couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t eat, she lived in fear. Then she finally came to us. We sent ONE letter and the bank backed down and admitted their “mistake”. Now we will sue them and make them pay for putting her through such agony for so long. 

FACT: only 10% of the people that come to me in foreclosure, end in foreclosure. We win cases and find solutions, and beat the odds. Today was no exception. The client came to me after years of litigating with another attorney, so I entered my appearance, and was immediately emailed a modification offer from the bank’s attorney. Case settled, everyone wins. 

We don’t back down.  That’s our philosophy.  When it comes to litigation in Court, and aggressive nature can be very helpful.  Litigation is very different from transactional work, and it is something that a lot of lawyers do not like to do.  Here, we love it.  It is what drives this law firm, and quite frankly, it is what we enjoy the most.

Not only do we fight banks, we sue them back.  Often, the banks will ignore my instruction to stop all contact with my clients and continue to harass them anyway and demand more money than they should.   We file lawsuits against the banks, at no cost to our clients, to recover money for our clients from the banks for this behavior.

We sure creditors who are chasing you and won’t leave you alone.  We sue debt collectors for their illegal practices and nasty phone calls.  We sure homeowner’s associations for attempting to collect wrong amounts.  The list goes on and on.  If someone is attempting to collect a debt that they don’t have the legal right to collect, we can probably sue them.

Real estate litigation also means we handle partition actions, quiet title actions, boundary disputes, contract disputes, failure to disclose defects cases, and a variety of other real estate disputes.  The first thing I want to do is educate my clients about their legal options, and chances in court.  From there, we develop an individually tailored legal strategy to bring about the best results.  This does not always mean we file a case since some situations require more finesse, but it is important to know that we have the power and knowledge to win in court.

Success in litigation is about preparation and skill, and having an experienced real estate litigation law firm on your side can make all the difference.

If you ever have questions about a situation you or a friend is going through regarding real estate or creditors and you feel you are not being treated fairly or with respect, we should talk.

Call us at 727-375-8900 and ask for a free consultation with me, Andrew Lyons, and we can see if sitting down to review your options at no charge makes sense.