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You’ve come to the right place.  Take a deep breath. Get answers to the questions you need right on this site.  Then, come into the office and let’s chat about your situation.  The conversation is completely free and you will leave knowing your options.

(Why we’re so different than other firms)

Our mission is to first educate our customers on the intricacies and little known subtleties of the foreclosure process and with that information in hand to help you find peace of mind by simplifying the entire process and proactively acting on your behalf to support you against the lending institutions that have brought these lawsuits that are now affecting you, regardless of your personal circumstances.

As a small and personal firm with a dedicated group of staff you will always have direct contact with me at all times to discuss the options available to you, the economics of having a mortgage and the foreclosure process which I fight on your behalf through careful research and a personal passion for winning cases outright, as substantiated by our track record and personal customer endorsements.