Fighting Foreclosure

Most people think that there is no defense to a foreclosure action. This is completely wrong. The bank must do certain things, in a certain order, to be able to take your home. Defending the foreclosure action is a way to see if the bank has done all the things they were supposed to do, and that process takes time.

Fighting the case means using legal techniques to force the banks to turn over documents and information that they typically do not want to provide. These are the same documents we use to show that they bank has not met their burden of proof in the foreclosure case. When that happens, the Judge throws out the case and the foreclosure is gone. I have built an entire law firm beating banks in foreclosure cases.

Defending foreclosure cases is time-consuming and complex. The law is constantly changing, and the banks are looking for ways to take your home faster. Having an experienced attorney to defend the case can help you greatly extend the time you can stay in your home. Often, this “breathing room” is all that my clients need to help get their lives back on track.

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