Real Estate Professionals

If you’re a realtor or broker, we should talk.

It is always nice to have your own personal real estate attorney in your back pocket when you need it.  I have been practicing law for nearly 20 years, and specialize in real estate law and real estate litigation.

This means that this law firm can draft contracts, settle escrow disputes, litigate contract disputes, negotiate short sales, demand waivers of deficiency, and represent real estate professionals in disputes or ethical matters as may arise.  We are a local law firm in Trinity, and growing fast.

I love talking with real estate agents and brokers about ways to protect them from liability, while also suggesting new and interesting ways to buy and sell real estate.

Business is all about relationships, so I encourage you to shoot me an email so we can set up a meeting to discuss the law and business of real estate.  I am certain that after we meet you will be better educated, and will have a new and important member of your professional team.