Real Estate Law

Winning at trial is only part of the equation

Success at trial is all about preparation. I put in many hours of time into each case, throughout litigation, and typically a very large amount of time also goes into trial preparation. I learn something from every case I take to trial, and I use this accumulated 16 years of experience to my client’s advantage to the very best of my ability. I take every case personally, and this is evident from the time dedicated to each client’s particular needs and the time dedicated to the litigation of the foreclosure action.

What does it mean to win at trial? It means that I was successful in proving to the Judge that the Bank could not successfully win the case, and the case is then dismissed by the Court.

My goal is to prove that the bank has failed to meet certain requirements associated with the handling or the transfer of the note and mortgage. There are actually many ways that the banks fail to prove their case, and this is at the heart of my foreclosure defense practice. Depending upon the situation, and the bank’s decision to force a case to trial, may dictate that a strong defense be raised at trial.

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